Car Windshield Repair in Baltimore, MD

Did a rock fly up and chip your windshield? Did you discover a scratch that seemingly appeared out of nowhere? Or are you dealing with a more significant windshield crack that’s spreading across the whole surface?

Whatever damage has been done to your windshield, Antwerpen Auto Glass just outside of Baltimore, MD is here to help. Cracked or chipped windshields are commonplace, often caused by various debris from the road, the environment or other cars hitting your windshield while driving. While scratches or dents may seem like a small issue, they can easily spread and turn into bigger issues. At Antwerpen Auto Glass, we provide easy, affordable windshield repair to make sure that doesn’t happen. We also offer windshield replacements if the crack is more significant or has already spread across the windshield. We’ll inspect the damage, remove the old windshield, install a new one and add a safety adhesive.

Do I need to get my windshield repaired?

If there’s a small dent in your windshield from a rock or other debris, you might be thinking it’s no big deal and there’s no need for a repair. But those small chips damage the integrity of your windshield and can quickly spread into large cracks across your entire windshield. In that event, instead of quick, affordable fix, you’ll need a full windshield replacement.

So if you notice a scratch or chip on your windshield, it’s best to get it taken care of as soon as possible. The damage is typically eligible for windshield repair instead of replacement if the damage is smaller than a dollar bill, you have three or less chips, the damage isn’t obscuring your view out the windshield and the damage isn’t along the windshield’s edge. If you’re uncertain whether your windshield requires a repair or a replacement, our experts will examine it for you and talk with you about the best option for avoiding further costs.

Here at Antwerpen Auto Glass in Baltimore, we have extensive experience in windshield repair, leaving your windshield almost as good as new. The windshield repair process is fast, efficient and affordable, saving you significant time and money down the road.

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