Car Window Tinting Services in Baltimore, MD

At Antwerpen Auto Glass in Baltimore, we constantly aim to help you improve the appearance and performance of your vehicle. One way to do both is through window tinting. Just because your new vehicle didn’t come with tinted windows doesn’t mean you can’t add them later on. Tinted windows can cut down on heat inside your car, protect you from the sun and UV rays and add a unique flair to the appearance of your vehicle. If you are looking for window tinting in Baltimore, at Antwerpen Auto Glass, we’ll thoroughly explain the benefits and the process of car window tinting, helping you upgrade your windows for your ideal vehicle.

Benefits of adding tinted windows to your vehicle

There are many great reasons to get your windows professionally tinted, ranging from personal style to improved functionality. Some of the benefits of car window tinting include:

    • Preventing glare while you drive. Driving with the sun in your eyes is both uncomfortable and dangerous. Tinting helps cut down on glare from the sun or other bright lights to give you a safer, more comfortable ride.
    • Protecting your upholstery. Direct sunlight can take a major toll on the upholstery in your vehicle in just a few years. Car window tinting helps protect your car’s interior from the heat and UV rays of the sun, extending the life of your upholstery.
    • Keeping UV rays out. Tinting helps protect your skin from excessive exposure to sunlight while you’re driving around town or across the country. Quality tinted windows can cut back on UV rays by up to 99 percent, keeping you and your family healthier.
    • Reducing the heat entering your car. Tinting can help cut down on the amount of heat entering your car in the summer months. You can use less A/C and you’ll no longer have to deal with waiting for the seats to cool off before you get in.
    • Enhancing the style and appearance of your vehicle. Beyond functionality, car window tinting adds a unique flair to your vehicle, helping you get from point A to point B in style.
    • Boosting your privacy. Tinted windows are designed so that it’s difficult to see through them from the outside in. That helps protect your privacy while driving and your possessions while parked.

Our experts at Antwerpen Auto Glass in Baltimore can provide even more information about the benefits and process of tinting your windows.

Baltimore’s car window tinting experts

Here at Antwerpen Auto Glass in Baltimore, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and high quality final product. We always source the best raw materials for all car window tinting services in order to ensure you get the best possible finished product. Our staff members work to keep you informed about the tinting process, explaining the steps involved and answering any questions you may have. And our competitive rates ensure you’re always getting top quality window tinting for the best price. We always want you to leave our window tinting shop feeling completely comfortable and satisfied.

If you need window tinting in Baltimore or if you think your vehicle’s windows could use an upgrade, call Antwerpen Auto Glass today at (443) 741-4888 for more information about our car window tinting services!

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